© 2017 - Katherine Maloney

About The Artist

    Katherine's childhood home is Southeastern Va, where she grew up on an organic farm in a family of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. An introduction to clay at age eleven led Katherine to apprentice with potter Elizabeth Krome for two years. Her undergraduate experience at Guilford college with instructor Charlie Tefft established a foundation for Katherine to pursue a career in the ceramic arts. 

    As an artist, Katherine is influenced by her Quaker values and experiences within nature. Her current body of work also reveals inspiration from travels in Southwest China and Nepal. Exploring the Himalayan landscape, Katherine collected memories of exquisite temples, Tibetan designs, and ancient artistic practice. During a six month artist residency at STARworks clay studio, she began to more consciously draw on her memories of the East.

Katherine is now back in VA where she'll be working out of a home studio on her family's farm.