White porcelain urn is wheel thrown and the elephant sculpted and carved. Fired in a salt/soda wood kiln to 2400 degrees.


The wood fired aspect of this piece gives it a dyanamic surface and completely unique coloring on each side of the elephant due to which way it was facing the flame and ash during firing proccess. 


This was the first Asian elephant I've sculpted and is part of an urn series representing endangered and envirionmentally threatened animals. Asian Elephants have smaller ears and tusks so are less represented in Western art than the African elephant. The Asian elephant's population has declined 50% in the last 75 years. 


The vessel is glazed on the interior and can be used for multiple purposes or simply enjoyed as a sculpture in your home. 


Dimensions: 12.75" tall  x 4.75" wide 

Asian Elephant Urn