Porcelain cup is wheel thrown and attached to sculpted and carved stoneware bobcat figure. The sculpture is painted with oxides and the cup glazed with celadon and interior white satin glaze. Fired in oxidation to cone 6. 


This chalice is part of a brand new series where I'm incorporating drinking vessels into animal sculptures. I've created a unique challenge for myself to make sure the pieces are fully balanced, comfortable to hold, and yet are still asthetically pleasing sculptures. With the bobcat I am especially fond of how he looks up while you take a sip of your favorite decedent beverage. 


The interior's bottom has a small crack filled with gold food safe resin. I have tested the cup to ensure it's functionality. 


Dimensions: 6.5" tall x 2.75" wide 


Care: Hand wash for longevity of your handmade wares 

Bobcat Chalice