White stoneware, wheel thrown, carved, and sculpted. Glazed with flashing slip and underglaze. Fired in a salt/soda wood burning kiln to 2400 degrees. 


My idea for the Quetzal Ewer began after traveling to Guatemala as a 19 year old where I saw the Resplendent Quetzal on money and artwork. Unfortunately I didnt see one in person, but the image of their grandeur stuck.

This set is a beautiful wood fired version where the bird's colors are muted by the salt and soda of the kiln and set off in detail by the smooth orange of the vessel. The interior of the ewer and cups is a soft glossy clear glaze, easy to clean and use for any sort of liquid. The bird also sits steadily on the table when the vessel is being refilled. 


Dimensions: 14.5” tall x 6.5” wide  Cups: 2.5” tall  x 2.25" wide 


Care: Handwash to ensure longevity  

Resplendent Quetzal Ewer Set