Using white stoneware, the luminary is wheel thrown then altered, pierced, and carved to display Barn Swallows flying upward. Wired with a cloth covered cord and candelabra light bulb base, this luminary is both a sculpture and fuctional light for your home. Glazed with white satin glaze on interior then layers of microcrystalline, blue ash, and celadon glazes on exterior. Fired in oxidation to 2235 degrees. 


"Swallowtail Dance" was inspired by watching the barn swallows swoop and glide low in the air to catch insects at dusk. Such agile and unique looking birds, I hoped to capture they gracefulness and the colors of a peaceful evening. 


Dimensions:   21"tall x 9.25" wide 

“Swallowtail Dance” Luminary